Operation Centaur Horse Welfare Policy and Guidelines

This policy outlines behaviour and standards relating to the welfare of all horses involved in Operation Centaur projects. It applies to all who come into contact with the horses, including: Operation Centaur staff and volunteers, staff or volunteers from other organisations, visitors to Operation Centaur sites.

It relates to all horses whether owned by, or on loan to, or visiting Operation Centaur.

This code and guidelines help protect the horses from mistreatment, and maintain the standard of behaviour expected of staff and volunteers.

Operation Centaur will ensure that:

  1. All horses have a suitable environment to live in.
  2. All horses have a healthy diet.
  3. All horses are able to behave normally.
  4. All horses have appropriate company.
  5. All horses are protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

When working with horses, all staff and volunteers are acting in a position of trust. Staff and volunteers should be aware that they are role models for behaviour around horses, and behave with respect for the horses at all times.

When working with the horses people will:

  1. Operate within Operation Centaur principles and guidance and follow all instructions.
  2. Handle horses using Natural Horsemanship techniques at all times.
  3. Not feed horses from the hand at any time.
  4. Treat horses with respect and not threaten their dignity or wellbeing.
  5. Not enter any area containing a horse without permission from Operation Centaur staff.

Care of horses:

  1. Horses will receive annual inoculations and dental checks.
  2. Horses will have their weight regularly monitored.
  3. Horses will be fed appropriate diets, including any necessary supplements.
  4. Horses will have access to water at all times.
  5. All tack and harness will be maintained in a good condition and fit the horse it is used on.
  6. All horses will be trained and handled using Natural Horsemanship methods at all times.
  7. All horses will be worked appropriately according to their age and ability.

Staff and volunteers will understand and follow guidelines set out in Code of practice for the welfare of horses, ponies, donkeys and their hybrids – Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, 8 April 2013.

Monitoring and review:

All members of staff and volunteers are expected to report any breaches of this code to Dr Andreas Liefooghe or Edward MacDowell.

Any breach of the code may result in them being asked to leave Operation Centaur.

Dr Andreas Liefooghe and Edward MacDowell are responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of this Policy and Guidelines via staff, volunteer and visitor observations and feedback.

This policy will be reviewed on 1st April 2016

Signed by: Andreas Liefooghe and Edward MacDowell

Date: 1st April 2015

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