Meet the Team

Edward MacDowell

Ed has been driving horses in London for over 40 years.   He is passionate about bringing working horses back into our contemporary lives, whether that is as a pleasure drive or as pivotal conservation work. He is based mainly at Hampton Court and in Richmond Park. Ed is a farrier and a Member of the Worshipful Company of Farriers.


Andreas Liefooghe

A psychologist and psychotherapist, Andreas emphasizes the relational aspects of working with horses – the relationship with the land we work on, the relationship with the heritage aspects, and the learning and therapeutic relationship of working with horses.   He designs and evaluates the Operation Centaur programmes, and is always happy to discuss new and creative opportunities. Andreas is licensed with BPS, BACP, HCPC, CIPD and EAGALA.


Renato Monaco

Originally from Naples, Renato has spent a life time in the Italian racing industry. While our heavies are not as fast as the Thoroughbreds Renato worked with, he very quickly appreciated them for what they are – gentle, generous and hard-working horses.

Henry Coward

Mr H volunteers with Operation Centaur, and we are very pleased he does! He has a wealth of knowledge and experience of heavy horses, as he was working with the Shire horses at Young’s Brewery before they disbanded them. He is helping us ensure that this knowledge isn’t lost forever.

Paul Ewing

Whether it is mucking out a stable, guiding the Halloween Rides in Richmond Park or delivering therapy work in Hyde Park, Paul is always ready to volunteer and help us out. His big love at the stables is Phillipa, a 30 year-old retired carriage horse. His wife, Dora, doesn’t mind!

Monica Yonge

A life-long horse woman, Monica co-coaches on our rehabilitation programmes. She also volunteers for a number of different projects, such as hosting for the Winter Rides, observing for the childrens’ EAP sessions, and guiding for Halloween. Her favourite time is riding out in the early morning, when she has Richmond Park all to her self.

Maggie Greene

Working with horses and children requires a large number of people, and Maggie was with us from our very first intervention. She carefully observes the interactions between the young people and our horses, and gives us valuable data to evaluate our programmes. And she helps us with the website, too!

Siri Suke

Based in Bangkok, Siri is interested in how the relationship between horse and human can help organizations learn about their people. She has a residency with us in London once a year, which she uses to develop new programmes – as well as meet old friends. Siri is directing our equine assisted coaching programmes in the Far East.

Lucia Berdondini

Lucia’s contribution to Operation Centaur is vital. She is the external supervisor to all therapeutic and learning projects – essential in work of this kind. Lucia is based in Glasgow, but frequently works in Afghanistan, Italy and India – so a lot of our work is done via Skype!

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