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The activities with the horses have broken down some huge barriers for some of our students. They have had to think about and change their approaches to some tasks, understanding that their behaviour is a big influence on how the horses interact with them. It has been lovely to see some members of the group, who were initially very tentative about being near the horses – let alone touching them, being comfortable enough to work with them in an unfamiliar environment.Ian Funnell, Teacher, Westminster Academy
What we do

We involve people from local communities who have never been involved with horses to learn about this heritage – and how this can be made relevant to day-to-day life. This can involve teaching young people how to groom and harness horses, have local communities help us work their common lands, or as part of a rehabilitation programme.

What we do is not new. Horses and humans have worked together for centuries. We are now building on this relationship to develop stronger communities. We do this by using our horses to bring people closer to nature – and helping them learn from nature.

Future projects include horse-drawn access to the Isabella Plantation in Richmond park, cutting verges in Petersham, and traditional haymaking in the Royal Parks.

Contact us if your organization would like to join us.

Operation Centaur, Holly Lodge, Richmond Park, Richmond, Surrey TW10 5HS
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In partnership with The Royal Parks, Historic Royal Palaces and  Shire Horse Society