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All schools know the devastating and long-term impact of bullying, both to the individual and the whole school culture. By learning how to tackle bullying, young people can develop valuable skills which will keep them and others safe throughout their lives.

Operation Centaur offer an effective anti-bullying intervention using Equine Assisted Learning, aimed at reducing bullying in schools and enabling young people to recognise and challenge bullying behaviour – in all its forms. We have all learned about preventing bullying – but what if your teacher weighs more than a ton? And happens to be a horse?

During weekly sessions, based on principles of Equine Assisted Learning widely used in the USA, pupils experience guided observation of horse behaviour and learn to interact with horses. Through learning to interact and communicate with horses in non-verbal ways pupils learn vital teamwork skills and about themselves. This learning is powerful and immediate. Many of the participants will never have come into contact with a horse before, and all work is done from the ground.

The programme teaches young people cooperative group work and inclusion, rather than competition and exclusion.

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Is your school interested to take part? Contact us to discuss, or request our pilot project report – Real Horse Power, Making the Difference

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