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Halloween Rides in Richmond Park

Halloween Rides in Richmond Park

Imagine the somber steps of a horse-drawn dray approaching as you stand at the locked Sheen Gate.  As the gates swing open, you come on board for a ride as no other.  Tis Hallowe’en, and Richmond Park in the dark is both exhilarating … and just a little bit scary!

This Halloween, 72 people snapped up their tickets in less than 48 hours after they went on sale – our fastest ever!  All of them were thrilled with the experience.  At night in Richmond Park, all kinds of creatures emerge.  The heard tales about the Shrew Ash, where to this day witches are murmured to congregate.  Collectively, we discovered the amazing history of the park, including tales of highwaymen and ghosts – and of the gruesome Victorian murder just outside the park walls, solved as recently as 2010.  Of course, the Park is always the star –  majestic stags, little owls and the timeless sound of horses’ hooves clip-clopping along.  All our guests agreed:

We enjoyed very much the ride . It was well-organised, we were met by a very friendly soul, who kindly offered us a drink, and we started on time. We were given a good description of the deer, birds and owls in Richmond Park. Thank you for an unusual and enjoyable experience. Best wishesEric R
We came on the 7pm ride on the 30th October. Myself and my wife thought it was fantastic. I think the fact that most of the ride was in silence was a good thing as it was so meditative and made us feel close to nature. It was great to have a better understanding of your working horses and we would highly recommend the ride to anyone. Thanks again, we will remember it for a long time. All the best Rufus
Many thanks for the fantastic night tour through Richmond Park on Saturday 1 November. We loved the ride and the experience and the explanations and comments were very interesting indeed. With many thanks and best wishes.Chantal M
Many thanks, we enjoyed the experience and would do it again, with our (grow-up) children next time. The sloe gin was a very nice touch.Julian & Judy G.

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