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Equine-assisted therapy strips away some of the layers of conventional therapeutic intervention. It allows a relationship between the horses and clients to become the focus of the sessions. They can choose to connect or to not connect. As the therapeutic team, we can then step back and observe this relationship unfold. Dr Andreas Liefooghe, Operation Centaur
What we do

From corporate coaching to personal psychotherapy, there is increasing evidence that horses can play a pivotal role in facilitating change – and understanding both personal and organizational growth. Since 2005, we have been researching why this might be the case, and have developed innovative and creative methods for understanding where people are stuck. We work with corporates who want to embed their senior teams, with schools who want to tackle bullying cultures, or individuals who realize their lack of self-esteem is holding them back.

The therapeutic team

Our core therapeutic team consists of a mental health professional, who looks after the wellbeing of our clients, an equine specialist, who oversees the wellbeing and behaviour of the horses, and of course, the horses themselves.

We are certified Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) practitioners, and work with a variety of clients, from young adults with Autism, through to global corporations.

Members of our team belong to the following professional membership bodies:

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