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We were always expecting that significant changes would take place when we brought the top team to Equine Coaching, and the guys at Operation Centaur really delivered. What we didn’t expect was that on top of the immediate learning on the day, months later our senior leaders are still referring to “the day with the horses”. These long lasting insights are the holy grail of intervention.A. Knight, Microsoft

Coaching with horses heightens people’s awareness to their blind spots. Who takes the initiative? Do we use all the resources that we have available? Can we motivate a team to complete a task? Or is too much of our time spent competing with others at the detriment of focusing on the task? Equine Assisted Coaching gets people to know themselves and others in a very immediate way; less talk and more action.

We were the first to deliver Equine Assisted Learning in South East Asia. We travelled to Bangkok and worked with a herd of 100 horses and some 20 executives. Participants were inspired.

We were hesitant at first, but we learned so much – you can never achieve these results in such a short time in a class room!Borakul, Chokchai Inc.

Read Town and Country article on our work in Thailand (Oct 2014)

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