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The genius of equine therapy is that the horse invites

talk, but does not require

it to communicate

Alain de Botton, philosopher

We now have compelling evidence that horses can play a pivotal

role in self understanding and facilitating change.


There are times in all our lives when our emotions are overwhelming.  Our distress can be complex, and sometimes

difficult to put into words.  Horses can become the catalyst to

see deeper within ourselves.

Equine-Assisted Therapy increases our understanding of ourselves and helps us work through difficulties. While horses invite talk,

they do not rely on it to communicate. As such, this therapy is particularly useful for people who feel stuck and who find it

difficult to put into words what is happening inside.


New release

Andreas Liefooghe

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Coaching

Based on over a decade of sustained longitudinal research with a broad range of different user groups, Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Coaching: An Evidence-Based Framework is an essential guide which offers both theoretical foundations and practical models for working with horses in psychotherapy and coaching.

Purchase the book online at Routledge here


Our core therapeutic team consists of a mental health professional, who looks after the wellbeing of our clients, an equine specialist, who oversees the wellbeing and behaviour of the horses, and of course, the horses themselves.

Members of our team belong to the following professional membership bodies:



Highlighting people's awareness to blind spots, improving staff motivations and increasing an organisations achievement of their goals.


Coaching with horses heightens people’s awareness to their blind spots. Who takes the initiative? Do we use all the resources that we have available? Can we motivate a team to complete a task? Or is too much of our time spent competing with others at the detriment of focusing on the task? Equine Assisted Coaching gets people to know themselves and others in a very immediate way; less talk and more action.

We were the first to deliver Equine Assisted Learning in South East Asia. We travelled to Bangkok and worked with a herd of 100 horses and some 20 executives. Participants were inspired. 

"We were hesitant at first, but we learned so  much – You can

never achieve these results in  such a short time in a class room!"

- Borakul, Chokchai Inc.

Read the Town and Country article on our work in Thailand,

and contact us for more information.


Suffering can take many forms, and at times, our distress can be intangible, or perhaps indescribable. Working with horses in a therapeutic process allows you to see deeper within yourself.

Rather than providing a one-size fits all explanation, we listen to you, observe our horses, and work to understand. Whatever your struggle, you will know when the time is right to come and explore with our team.


We aim to provide clients with an opportunity for personal learning and emotional growth, which takes place through their own experiences with horses during a session, or sessions. This is known as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) or Equine Assisted Learning (EAL). What happens during a session is determined by the clients’ needs, and how they and the horses interact.

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