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Prof Dr Andreas Liefooghe


A life-long horseman, and a professor of psychology and psychotherapy, Andreas founded Operation Centaur, Europe’s foremost centre of equine-assisted psychotherapy. His latest book providing detailed evidence of the effectiveness of equine[1]assisted programmes is the benchmark text in the field.

 “Trying to change makes no sense without knowing what keeps getting you stuck. Find what holds you back, and the rest is a walk in the park.

Dr Puffin O'Hanlon

MA (Cantab) MSc DClinPsy MBPsS HCPC reg.

Puffin is a Senior Clinical Psychologist with a lifetime relationship with horses. Her doctoral thesis developed a theory of the role of horse-human connection in EAP for young people, and she has been working with the power of horses ever since, developing and delivering EAP interventions to engage children and adults in therapy where traditional approaches have failed.


“We are often told that distress is “all in the mind”, but distress lives in our bodies, and in our relationships. Horses show us how to reconnect with parts of ourselves, with others, and with the world around us, so that we can live more wholly and fully from moment to moment”.

Denise Stergoulis

Lead Addictions Equine Therapist

Denise Stergoulis is an experienced Integrative therapist with specialist recognition in substance addiction.  She combines her extensive experience with an incisive, challenging, and empowering style to maximise healing and growth.  She combines traditional methods with specialist equine assisted psychotherapy to develop a highly tailored plan for a wide variety of clients.


“Horses remove us from a world of judgment and like them, recovery can be graceful and beautiful.”

Bridget McCabe


As an Integrative therapist, Bridget uses a variety of modalities to help children

and teenagers deal with difficult feelings.

Bridget has been working therapeutically with children and their families since

2008. Former careers include Registered General Nurse in the NHS and Family

Support Worker for Ealing Borough.

“My passion is helping young people to work out where they are stuck, and help them to get unstuck”


Dr Susan Kahn

Susan is a Chartered Psychologist and Executive Coach who has worked alongside horses in her practice for over a decade. Her latest book on resilience and the power of failing fast, Bounce Back, is hailed as a landmark text.


“There’s one sure-fire way to avoid failure: don’t try anything new – ever. But playing it safe is a recipe for stagnation. We thrive when we feel challenged and excited by what we’re doing.

Raul Aparici

Raul is a speaker, executive coach and facilitator and is the Head of Faculty at the School of Life London, as well as the Programme Director for the MSc in Coaching Psychology at Birkbeck, University of London. He holds Master’s Degrees on Gestalt Psychotherapy and on Critical Theory, and has facilitated personal development and therapeutic programmes for thousands of people across the world.


“Be curious. Through our work we will identify what our edges are, and push beyond.”

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