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Day Programmes

CPD Day Programme for Mental Health Professionals

Monday 24th June 2024, 10am – 3pm
Richmond Park, London

In an era where emotional distress is considered “all in the mind” and talk therapy the gold standard treatment, we risk overlooking the role of the body – our own, our clients, and the interactions between the two – in the therapeutic relationship.


Horses are highly sensitive to human physiology and non-verbal communication and provide immediate, non-judgemental feedback. Interacting with them is like holding up a mirror and seeing our innermost thoughts, feelings and tensions reflected back. Working alongside horses can therefore bring about a deeper understanding of your impact on clients and their impact on you, enabling greater agency over your wellbeing, to maximise your effectiveness and minimise burnout.

EAP -CPD Day Programme for Mental Health Professionals by Operation Centaur.png

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