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Our method works when traditional therapy doesn't.

Where horses and mental health professionals work together to help you
find your way forward.


We work with clients and patients from all walks of life, including young people, adults and families, with a full range of mental health issues, including addiction, ADHD, ASD, anxiety, body dysmorphia, depression, eating disorders, trauma, amongst others. Contact us today to book an equine assisted psychotherapy assessment session.

15-17th of November 2024 

The programme is for both professional helpers and for those who want to understand how horses can play a pivotal role in our psychological well-being. Based on experiential action learning, participants will spend considerable hands-on time with the horses.

A retreat for peace of mind, body and soul.

Raha is designed to help you answer difficult questions. How to heal after upsetting events. How to care for yourself and become more resilient. How to relate more productively to others. How to make decisions when you feel overwhelmed.

Day Programmes 2024

Addiction Focussed Day Clinic

Monday 10th June 10am – 3pm, Richmond Park, London

CPD Day Programme for Mental Health Professionals

Monday 24th June 2024, 10am – 3pm Richmond Park, London

General Clinic Day Programme

Tuesday 25th June 2024, 10am – 3pm Richmond Park, London

CPD Addiction Focussed Day Programme for Mental Health Professionals

Monday 1st July, 10am-3pm Richmond Park, London

Where wild horses bring revelation and renewal.

Spanning five days and four nights, specialist therapists lead a unique and proven programme of change, in the powerful presence of our wild horses. Come and join our next retreat…

The HOME your horse deserves.

Operation Centaur now offers exclusive livery at our Petersham Farm Stables. A mere 20 minutes from Central London, and 5 minutes from glorious Richmond Park, this is the home your horse deserves.


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Meet the Operation Centaur TEAM

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New release

Andreas Liefooghe

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Coaching

Based on over a decade of sustained longitudinal research with a broad range of different user groups, Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and Coaching: An Evidence-Based Framework is an essential guide which offers both theoretical foundations and practical models for working with horses in psychotherapy and coaching.

Purchase the book online at Routledge here

Or, book your place on our 3 Day Essential Skills EAP Course here


Akthar Hussain, Chief Executive – Nightingale Hospital and Start2Stop

‘The patients that attended equine assisted therapy said it was one of the most profound experiences they have ever had. It really improved their confidence and courage levels.’
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